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Just because of the Sailor Moon transformation scene...you get a 5.

Still Amazing

This was still hilarious, and in my opinion when a relevant story is added, with jokes that are spur of the moment but for the moment, then the one random flash becomes worthy of an actual series. Some people are giving this low reviews because its different, and they are scared of change because they are pansy ass pussies, but if you never released the first 3 leo and satan episodes, and just brought this one out, everyone would be giving 10's and commenting on the originality. So they don't really know what they are talking about if that's what they criticize. In my opinion, the series has changed, but its still funny as hell. The first was the most laugh out loud one because it was new, obviously you cant make every episode after "new," but they are surely still great.
...Great Animation, voices, effects, and story and humor, etc


This is all awesome on the humor and animation scale, but you can improve your scene pacing. The story jumped back and forth almost in between the conversations of the characters. I know you had to jump back and forth for the purpose of the assassin, but it made the whole thing seem jagged. Other than that, keep up the good work.

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challengingly fun

score, 646525


i have to give this a lower rating because its lagging in controls as many people have already said, and i appreciate the toughness but with the controls its kind of like trying to get a guy with no legs to race up a tower- its already tough by itself but why did you have to take his legs away?

i gave this game a chance

i was ok with the difficulty, ok with having to play stage 1 ten times so i could level up, but when you give us a save profile option that doesnt work, that just makes me angry, sorry, but you are getting a low rating.

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