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Entry #2

My second Animation

2010-06-14 13:34:09 by TheMikes

Working an animation #2 now, it will be about the same awesome justice level as Phillip the Apple, but much better artwork, sound effects, background scenery and music, etc. If all goes well, and whats going on in my head can actually be realized into the flash, then it will be godly. On the other hand, i could get back to work on my book...


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2011-02-08 11:00:54

Michael, I have made a newgrounds account out of complete and utter boredom because I could not go to school today and my x-box is broken, now I am going to smack talk phillip the apple because i have nothing else to do. After watching Phillip the Apple, I wanted to punch a puppy in the face, and I love puppy's Michael, I love puppys. Philllip the apple made me love all apples in general a little less. If you make Phillip the apple number two, the world would be a sadder place, and I dont think I could eat another apple, or a banana. Is that want you want Michael


2011-02-08 11:03:40

oh yea, Bring me my controller that I left at your house that one day i had that really bad hangover, i need it